Saturday, 7 June 2008

2böred paranoid mutations

tWo Of My FriENdS mAdE tHeiR biRThDaY: tHe ChALLenGe WaS tO mAkE 2 iMaGeS fOr T-sHiRt To OfFeR tHeM.
tHe T-sHiRts ShOuLd ConTaiN a SeNtEnCe ThAt SoMeHoW cOuLd Be EaSiLy IdEnTiFiEd WiTh ThE cHaRaChTer.
foR tHiS pRoJeCt I hAd The TeCniCHaL hELp Of NiNa ""tHe PriNcEsS oF SlOvEniA"

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Raitxe said...

*****!!! way to go dudes. Nice, like rice ;p