Saturday, 7 June 2008

LaBeLs: AnTiCon


anticon is a collectively owned record label dedicated to scrounging up quiet ideas and tiny epiphanies wherever they might be found. To this end, we make up poems, sing raps, lift drums, and invent albums. So that we might do the impossible and make a living out of following our curiosities, we mass produce our music, pin price tags to its shrink-wrapped surface, and float it out into the world.

anticon is, anticon isn't

Because the artistic influences and interests of every soul in anticon are as scattered and diverse as the hometowns from which they come--the northeast, the midwest, and California--anticon has been obsessively filed and re-filed in a vast cross-section of musical categories. None of these tags, however--the language of right wing genre police, radio charts, record stores, and magazines--are worth repeating here.
Suffice it to say it is 2004, and we find ourselves in the half-twenties of strange lives, in the middle of a unfathomable world, and we are grateful for company: future friends, listeners, and artists alike.

ChEcK mOrE aT

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