Thursday, 5 June 2008

UrBaN aRt : CuM*

bAsEd iN gHeNt, BeLgIuM, tHe TriO kNoWn As CuM* hAs BeEn DoiNG tHeiR "fUcKiNg ErOtiC sTrEet EnTeRtAiNMeNt" SiNcE 2002. tHeiR wOrK bEgUn WitH a StEnciL oF a PiN-uP giRL aNd HaS eVoLvEd, WiTh A gReAt DeAl Of iNfLuEnCe By ThE aMoUnTs Of PoRnOgRaPhY rEaDiLy AvAiLaBlE oN tHe iNtErNet, iNto A SeXuAl FrEe FoR aLL. LiBeRaTiNg ThE LaDiEs FrOm ThEiR cOmPuTer MoNiToR cOnFiNeS aNd SeTtiNG tHeM LoOsE oN tHe StReEtS, cUm* WaS cUriOUs tOo SeE wHaT wOuLd BeCoMe Of ThE giRlS wHeN tAkeN oUt Of CoNtExT

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