Thursday, 5 June 2008

UrBaN aRt : UrBaN bLoOz

UrBaN bLoOz iS aN aRt PrOjEcT wHiCh StArTeD iN 2003. It iS a ReAcTiOn To ThE cOlOniZaTiOn Of PuBliC sPaCeS bY aDvErTiSeMeNt.

ThE cOnTeNt Of ThE biLLbOaRdS iS gEtTiNg ErAsEd AnD rEpLaCeD bY a PoStEr ShOwiNG tHe FrAmE oF tHe EnViRoNmEnt, ThAt iS cOvErEd By ThE biLLbOaRd iTsELf. ThiS cReAtEs A gAmE/pLaY bEeTwEeN tHe PeDeStRiAnS aNd ThE uRbAn EnViRoNmEnT. iT iS aLsO aBoUt A rEfLeCtiOn Of ThE uSaGe AnD fUnCtiON oF gRaPhiSm.

cHeCk MoRe At

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