Wednesday, 4 June 2008


ThE iNtEmPoRaL bOaRd gAmE oF wOrLd DoMiNaTiOn, PeRfEcT fOr SoMe HoUrS oF pUrE, cLeAn EnTeRtAiNeMeNt WiTh YoUr FRiEndS.
(sOmE bEeRs WoN´t HuRt)

NoW wiTh SpEciAl DeLuXe EdiTiOnS:

aNd MoRe...

yOu CaN pLaY iT oN tHe Pc ToO bUt CaLl Me OlD fAsHiOnEd...
I pReFeR tHe BoArD gAmE!!!

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